Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Myztique's holiday story

In the holidays the best thing was when I went rock climbing with my holiday programme.
The worst day was when I went to the museum because it was boring.

Atareita's holiday story

The best part of my holidays was when I went to paintball and shot my Mum, Dad and my big sisters Paige and Sammie.
The worst part of my holidays was staying at home and doing nothing with my mean big brother Jershon.

Zion's holiday story

The best part of the holidays was going to the movies. My worst part of the holidays was staying home and playing boring games.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Lenard's Story

On   a   trip   to   the   zoo   I  was   so   happy   that   we   were   going   to    the   amazing   zoo.

Maccol's Story

In the weekend I went to my Uncle's wedding it was at one tree hill. My little  cousin was the ring boy. I went  to my Uncle's wedding with my Nana and my Papa. It was very cool. Me and my cousins danced for my Uncle. We had lots of money. I felt happy. My uncle got married.

Myztique's Story

Yesterday after school I was walking in the rain and I saw saw a hairy black dog. After that I saw a black and orange cat that looked like a tiger, then I saw a blue monster truck. 

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Richard's Story

Last Thursday we saw at school and it was on the news it was on channel one. I felt amazing and we sang strive to succeed, then after that the senior kapa Haka performed and they were amazing, so was the senior hip hop. gave $100,000 to Pt England (Manaiakalani) and we gave him a Koha. He is famous and funny.



  By Richard

Lyi Sorn's Story

   Yesterday   we  had  tuakana  teina  sports  it   is fun.  We  played  "how   do   you  do"  and "octopus".  My  favourite  part  was  "flush  the toilet"   it was so  much  fun!  Next  time  I would  like to play again  with Anthony  and  Reihan.

Lyi Sorn

Elizabeth's Story

Last  Friday  we   went  for   a  picnic it  was fun and it was good. I  played with my  friends at the  park. It  was very  sunny and  hot. We went to the beach  and we made sand castles. Then I changed my  clothes and went for a  swim. I had lunch with my friends. I was tired and hungry. My lunch was good. The picnic was fun.

Taraia's Story

Yesterday was Mother's day. I made a card for my Mum, it was a beautiful card my mum liked my card . I was very happy and I said happy Mother's day.