Thursday, 25 September 2014

Our School Waiata

Class 14 have been working hard at practising our school waiata. 

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

William 'Term 3 Reflection'

I like CRE because we are learning about the bible. I love sports becuse i love running becuse it make  you  fit. In eLearing   we do  animahn. On our Tablets we do everything on are tablets.Miss Tito is  Maori teacher. We did  a film  festival movie  about  champions  who never  geve up.

Kelly 'Put It In The Bin'

Falcon 'Pt England So Far...'

Pt England has been fun and there is lots of different things here there's lots of games here i have lots of friends here and it's easy to use a tablet then books. My favourite part about Pt England is that everyone is nice to me and that everyone is happy too.

Seluone 'Chuck It In The Bin'

Tatiyana 'Put It In The Bin'

Tehillah's Term 3 Reflection

I love Lift Ed caravan because it have lot of thing in it i love it because it have Harold in it and Harold is my favourite thing in the  world . It hard to do describing thing like putting things together i love about kiwi sport gymnastics because we have skipping rope and  1 ball  a tramp  i love the tramp  because  it is bouncy  i love Miss Tito because she is nice to class 14  

Kruz's Term 3 Reflection

At school I`v done alot of stuff like eLearning and music.I had alot of fun because I have nearly finished my eLearning.I injoyed gymnastics I have been good at gymnastics.Then I learnd about cre because I loves knitting and I`v made a lot of friends because I`v been kind. I also like life ed Caravan because I learned about eating healthy food and oxygen.

Hazel's Term 3 Reflection

This term we did commonwealth games and we work with our tablets, on Tuesdays and Thursdays we have milk . We have maori at Tuesday and on Monday we have C.R.E.

Monday, 15 September 2014

'A Day On The Farm' - by Leone

I  saw  some   cows   and    some   calves
I   saw   big    cows    and    some   calves   eating   food.
I   saw   a   big   truck  driving through the paddocks.
I    love    the    baby    cows   and    their    mum   and dad.
The     tractor   was   amazing.
If  I   had   a   farm   I   will    let   the   baby    cows    eat lots!

'A Day On The Farm' by Tatiyana

The  cows  eat  hay  every   day.
Taking  care  of  a  farm  is  not  easy.
I   think  farm's  are  cool  to have.
I  love   animals  do  you?
Animals are  so  fun  and  cute.
If  I  had  a  farm  I  would  play  with  the  baby  cows.