Thursday, 20 December 2012

Bring on 2013!!!

Hello room 9, Pt England School and everyone else visiting us on our brand new blog! 

My name is Mrs Erasmus and I'm going to be teaching year 3s in room 9 next year,
I'm so excited to be joining the P.E.S family and I'm really looking forward to meeting and teaching my wonderful class next year!

I'm originally from Durban, South Africa; I thoroughly enjoy playing netball and touch and I love to get out into the waves and surf as often as possible. I also have a passion for photography, music and dance.

I hope everyone has a great rest, a Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year! 
See you all back at school next year :)


  1. Hi Mrs Erasmus

    Welcome to Pt England School. We know you will have a wonderful year in 2013 and we are really pleased you are joining the team.

    Congratulations for getting your blog off to such a great start.

    Love the photo :)

  2. Great blog Mrs Erasmus!!

    I can't wait to be working just down the corridor from you and your lovely class!

    Have a happy rest of your holiday!

    Miss Nalder

  3. I am so glad that you are into netball and dancing, because you might be more than a wonderful teacher at our school, you just might get to teach children hip-hop or netball. Mrs Erasmus do you have a boy-friend that's into rugby and netball? What will be your favourite thing to do with your class because it turns up to be a nice and kind teacher? Well welcome to Pt England School Mrs Erasmus and we are happy to have you here.


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