Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Atareita's 'about me' story

A story written, animated and narrated by Atareita.


  1. Cool animation atareita what an awesome story about is it pacman next time I see you I will give you $200 and I will hug you

    By your dad Jacob

  2. Hi Atareita

    What is that
    I liked the way you drew that movie

  3. Hi Atareita

    That was an amazing movie that you designed I liked the way you spoked and how you really had fun about making this movie. Good Job! Thanks for telling us all your different activities you liked. That is a good animation Atareita. Keep up the good work, and keep on posting. I liked how you animated your own animation.

  4. Hi Atareita

    I liked how your animation had pacman in it and how it was eating the little circle balls.The special part was how you talked about eating snapper and mussel and those thing are nice to eat to. Then the part how you talked about you camping.:}


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